October 21, 2014


Hello, friends and followers!

Several Textures members have artwork exhibited at the beautiful Poway Center for the Performing Arts.  There is still time to see these fascinating fiber art creations in this unique and wonderful setting.  The exhibit runs through October 31.

Until you get a chance to see the exhibit in person, here is a small taste from the opening reception event.  Thank you for your continued support!

October 11, 2014

Poway SAQA Exhibit

It was great to see members of our group represented at the SAQA Quilt show in Poway. The facility was very nice and the collection was diverse yet cohesive. I recommend getting down to see it in the Poway Center of Performing Arts. Attached are a few of our group members' quilts by Laura, Eileen, Patricia and David.
Trish's work (Far right and 3rd from right)

Laura's art

Eileen's design

David with his pieces
Posted: Linda E.

October 5, 2014


Thank you to friends, family, local art enthusiasts and the City of Temecula for making the opening reception at the Merc such a fun and memorable event! 

Were you unable to attend opening night?!  

No worries!  

You still have a chance to see the exhibit through November 2. 

Gallery hours are subject to change, so please call 866-653-8696 for information and times.

Textures Fiber Arts Exhibition
42051 Main Street
Temecula, CA 92590

Photos: Luke Bisagna
Posted: Laura

September 23, 2014

Let's Yarn Bomb The Living Room!

October 10 - November 16

5504 Crestridge Road 
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275

 "The Living Room" begins as a plain white living room and dining room in the main gallery - each day three to four knitters will knit, in the end covering every aspect of the furniture and decor by the end of the exhibit. Each day it will be filmed at some point, recording day by day the progress. "The Living Room" will feature an installation of abandoned objects, such as metal pipes and old TV sets, a room, a couch, toys on the floor, which will grow into a yarn bomb site. Viewers are encouraged to contribute during select gallery hours." 

Knitters are needed Monday - Saturday, from 10 am - 2 pm. You can sign up for the whole span of time or your selection of hours. Let me know if you are interested and the day or days and hours that work best for you. Email me at gabrielle.artistsstudio.pvac@gmail.com
Gabrielle - Manager The Artistsâ™ Studio Galleries

Posted: Laura

September 21, 2014

"Pointless" by Laura Bisagna

September 12, 2014

An Excellent Use for Buttons!

I saw this globe at the Orange County Fair this year. The Earth's surface is covered with vintage buttons to show the oceans and continents. This is a great use for buttons, in my opinion!
Eileen Wintemute

September 7, 2014

New Sewing Machine(s)

Well, I took the plunge and after 20 years got a new sewing machine. Oh my gosh. As much as I love my Pfaff 1475CD I had to get a machine with a larger throat for the machine quilting. I was just tired of rolling, scrunching and shoving a lot of fabric through a small area. I went from a 7 inch throat to a 11.25 inch throat. This machine is like an aircraft carrier. I can hardly wait to do my first free motion quilting on it.

I spent a little time today learning all over again how to wind a bobbin, thread the machine, adjust tension and all those things I didn't have to think about on the Pfaff. Hopefully the muscle memory will kick in and I won't have to concentrate on these little details in the future.

I looked at several machines and thought I would get a Pfaff or Janome since I owned a Pfaff and David owns the other. The machine I settled on was the Baby Lock Crescendo. What sold me on this machine is the massive lighting system (they call it Enhanced Stadium Lighting) that is adjustable, larger throat area and the auto needle threading. This machine has a wonderful stitch and feels great when free motion quilting. I tested this machine at several dealers and it was consistent through all the tests I did.

I am looking forward to learning this machine and putting it through its paces.

Posted: Trish

PS. Ask which other two people got new machines in the last couple of weeks.

August 30, 2014

My New Craft Table

Free table and vinyl fence pieces

Done and ready to test out

Test sample for my "Shadows" exhibit piece.

This morning I decided I wanted to paint outside. I set out to build my craft table from some free items I have accumulated. A table base from a neighbor's garage sale, and the leftovers from our vinyl fence. I slid the fence sections together on the table and set out to try it out. It works great.

I enjoyed the birds singing, the fresh air, and getting my latest project completed.

How about you? Done some small projects that help to streamline your creativity?

Posted: Trish

August 24, 2014

The Studio is Finished!

My beautiful and roomy studio is finally ready.  After lots of hard work its done and I LOVE it! 
Posted by Gail

August 8, 2014

Featured Artist – Sharon Reese

Meet Sharon Reese... a wonderful artist who uses a variety of techniques in her work.

Follow Your Passion

It was a natural progression for me to go from being a graphic designer and calligrapher into the wonderful world of art in my retirement. I have always enjoyed working with my hands, so quilting and fiber arts was the perfect medium for me.

My vision and inspiration continually evolves from the wonderful beauty in nature.

I don't really have a 'favorite' technique, as I enjoy using and trying them all. I always strive to work intuitively, but sometimes I think long and hard about a future design. Even though I enjoy sketching, it is not my only design process.

Receiving a 1st Place award last year, with my quilt Flowerfall, out of 89 pieces of art gave me an amazing and tremendous feeling of accomplishment.

See more of Sharon’s quilts here.

August 6, 2014

West Virginia Wanderings

These are photos from Tamarack, an Arts Center in West Virginia.  Many fine artists sell their work here, and sometimes they are demonstrating.

All the work was very high quality, it must be juried in. Wooden bowls, cutting boards, all kinds of wooden tools, ceramics, metalwork, quilts and fiber art, paintings, drawings, glass, all kinds of things.  I was not so sure when my sister wanted to drive 3 hours to the southern end of the state to go here for one day, but it was well worth the long trip.

We came back another way and made a big circle in the middle of West Virginia.  So we got to see a lot of the mountains and much of the state in that one day.  Beautiful tree covered hills, well, they call them mountains here.  Not too high compared to our western mountains.
Posted: Phyllis Binkley   

August 1, 2014

Featured Artist – Eileen Wintemute

Introducing one of our newest members, Eileen Wintemute, an artist of many talents.

Black and White Desert

What draws you to working in fiber art?
I have made things with fabric since I was a wee child. My first projects were clothes for troll dolls. They were in the Fred Flintstone style, very primitive, and finished all raw edge. I was way ahead of the raw edge finished movement! I have been working with fabric for so long now it is just part of who I am.

I made clothes in high school and college, but stopped when clothes became so inexpensive it didn’t make sense to sew them any more. I took up quilting to continue to have a use for fabric I wanted to buy. At the same time I was painting and drawing as a hobby. Somewhere along the line these two activities merged and my art is now mostly made with fibers.

I am inspired by the works of Patt Blair and Grace Errea. I usually make art to create a permanent record of a place or memory. 

I like to create representational art with fiber. This can be a landscape or still-life image. I love nature and beautiful things I have seen in a natural setting inspire me. I also like the dark and light contrast of buildings in cityscapes, and have made several art quilts of buildings.

Techniques and Process
I prefer to use fabric collage or paint an image on fabric. I am definitely not a fabric piecer. I love my HQ Sweet Sixteen Sit-down machine for quilting and can’t do without it. 

To make an art quilt I make a small scale drawing of my image and then enlarge it to full size on paper. That full size sheet becomes my “pattern” for the quilt.

I do not have a formal art education, but instead have taken several adult education classes. My formal education was in Chemical Engineering. That is what I did for a living, art is what I do for me. 

I teach classes in beading, embellishing, and making cityscapes with recycled men’s ties.

See more of Eileen’s quilts on her website.

July 25, 2014

Featured Artist – David Charity

Introducing David Charity.
He tells a story with every piece.

I am an artist who continues to evolve my art to portray strong emotions. My early works were mostly a visual experience and the topics varied widely depending on a theme being presented in a special exhibit.

While I continue to grow as an artist I have narrowed my focus. I now prefer to touch the emotions of my viewers, either by invoking a smile or causing my audience to ponder a serious subject.

Bit Map
I draw my inspiration for my humorous pieces from my life and my pets. I accomplish this by cartooning. In my childhood I liked to sketch cartoons and dreamed one day of being an artist. My cartoons allow me the freedom of not worrying about whether I’m using the correct color because I’m partially color blind. I create very brightly colored work in this genre. I also have a serious side and think of myself as a compassionate person. 


I draw inspiration for my serious work from the injustices or hardships endured by humanity. The serious side of my work is currently created in black and white with a small amount of color. I find the black and white images to be very powerful and striking in presenting topics of great importance to me.

I have chosen textiles to express myself. I use mostly fabric, but embellish my art with many other things such as paint, beads, metal, plastic and found objects. My favorite fabrics are Batiks. I enjoy adding texture and feel in my pieces through the use of thread and quilting.

See more of David’s quilts on his website From Edge 2 Edge

July 11, 2014

Featured Artist – Patricia Charity

Our next artist we would like to introduce is Patricia Charity. Her fabulous use of color and texture is highlighted in these featured pieces. 

Art quilt with envelope, letter, pen, maps
It's the Journey

For this piece, "It's The Journey", I am inspired by history and the romance of travel during a time when getting to a destination was only the end of the journey. The excitement of seeing new places along the way, saving bits and pieces to remember the trip, assembling the journal for a personal history was all a part of the experience. 
I wanted this quilt to speak to the adventure of travel. Arriving at point B is not the event we remember, it is the journey. The cool morning air with new scents, the change of light at a new latitude, the beauty of an unfamiliar landscape as it glides past the window of the train, car or plane. 
Colors: Browns, blues, reds Techniques: Collage, piecing, free motion quilting, color work Materials: Cotton, silk, wool felt, Stewart Gill paints, Inktense pencils 

Exposure to quilting: 
I grew up around quilts. My grandmother and aunts quilted as well as their ancestors. I lived on my grandmother’s farm for three years during high school but was not interested in learning how to quilt as a teenager. That was an “old lady” activity. I wanted to be an artist when I grew up. 

First quilting experience:  
I had a workout friend in San Diego that wanted to take a quilting class but did not want to go alone. I signed up and tagged along to keep her company. From the beginning, I was a rebel with color usage. I started quilting in the mid 1980’s when everything was calico. I showed up with dress weight cottons in orange, hot pink, purple, olive and tan. Everyone was horrified but Arlene Stamper put on a brave face and encouraged me. I was fortunate that my first quilting teachers were Sharyn Craig and Arlene Stamper. These teachers stressed technical skills and color values, which have helped me in the creation of my current art quilts.

Fiber Art: 
I love working with fabric and fiber. Not only is there a tactile quality to it, but also a three dimensional aspect that is hard to get with paint. Getting the secondary design through the quilting process allows me to make subtle changes and focus the viewer’s eye on a key area. 

I currently draw inspiration from abstract paintings. I have a Pinterest page for this type of art. I study the composition possibilities of these paintings and the color choices. I have a color bias to my work but I am always looking for combinations of color or value studies that I can use for inspiration. I have also been inspired by the artists I am fortunate enough to take classes from Melody Johnson, Katie Pasquini-Masopust and Jane LaFazio to name a few. I still go to their websites and check the latest projects and to see their recommendations on new products.

Favorite Technique: 
I am working with two techniques at this time. One is a collage technique where I layer fabric and fibers on a substrate fabric and keep adjusting and designing until I am happy with the layout. The other technique is to paint directly on unprimed artist canvas with a variety of paint and inks. I am looking forward to expanding my skills with mono printing, stamping and stenciling. In both cases I usually only have a rough sketch or line drawing as my jumping off point. I do a small color sketch to check the value placement and composition.  

Abstract fiber art quilt showing depth 

I always have a sketchbook handy. I have a Moleskine that I keep in my purse. This is my go-to if I am looking for inspiration or if I want to jot down an idea. Sometimes I draw and other times I write a series of words that inspire me for jumping off points for new work.

The only tools I think I could not live without are my sewing machine and paints. I studied art in high school and had some classes in collage. My first love has always been drawing and painting. I am fortunate that I am able to bring these skills to my fiber art. 

See more of Patricia’s quilts on her website From Edge 2 Edge

July 10, 2014

North Dakota Fiber Art


Arial View at Sunsest

 I was surprised to find some really nice fiber art in North Dakota.  Check out these 2 artists:  Vickie Kessler and Donna Kjonaas.  Here is a sample of the great exhibition I saw of their work at a fine arts center in Bismarck today.  What a treat!

Posted: Phyllis

Note: These are collaborative pieces by the artists.